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Lunch Specials
Only on weekdays during lunch hours.

Lunch Menu
Tantalizing Appetizers, fresh Salads and fulfilling Soups
Starters Menu
Seafood & Tofu
You have to try our irresistable Sizzling Princess Tofu

Seafood Menu
Our meat-substitute ingredients are made from 100% pure vegetarian products
Main Entrees
Vegetables, Tender Beef, Chicken & Lamb

Entree Menu
Rice & Noodle
Hot Noodle Soup, Zesty Fried Noodle & Rice Dishes
Rice & Noodle Menu
Our range of dessert & beverages will surely cool your palatte and leave you satisfied.
Dessert & Drinks Menu
lunch :  starter : seafood : entree : vegetarian : rice & noodle : dessert